PLIN019_Tea store

The best tea houses, tea rooms or even tea spaces in a house are the ones that immediately relax one as soon as he or she arrives. Before the tea is even served, one already feels outside of the busy flow of the ordinary world, comfortable and ready to enjoy. This will directly affect the experience of the tea itself.

Art and Tea: The Role of Aesthetics in the Tea Ceremony By A.D.Fisher

PLAR028_Venkat residence

This Humble adobe for a relatively young couple set in the context of an Urban neighborhood articulates itself with a multitude of hierarchical volumes as a manifestation of the functional aspirations of the design brief.

PLIN032_Ch.Tirupathi Rao residence

A House built for the elderly head of a well-established business family aims at representing the idea of LOGILI, a home with a courtyard for an extended family to live in, it represents pride of a man and his better half, in keeping the family together and to create an abode for his for future to be well spent around his sons daughters and grandchildren and being a part of their growing lives.



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PLAR023_Pioneer Tamara alliance

This group housing villa scheme of 30 units located in the foot hills of the Tirupathi, the temple town in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India, boasts of a modern and minimal design with focus on  optimizing lighting , ventilation and  spatial layout that keeps the average user satisfied and yet keeping the interests of developers to deliver a quality product at a optimized cost.  


PLIN020_Patterns boutique store

A New age boutique store designed for the brand PATTERNS_Art of clothing, celebrates the idea of providing a backdrop and foreground for unobtrusive view and showcase of the designer clothes in the store. It uses lacquered glass in chrome yellow (representing the auspicious color of turmeric), Brass finishes for the lighting, display elements and a contrasting element of concrete finishes to complement and highlight the rich colors, patterns and textures of the clothing itself.


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