PLAR021_Haribabu residence

Area: 5000 Sqft
Location: JKC, Guntur, AP.
Type: Individual bungalow, Residential.

The design of this house set in small yet growing town of Guntur, Andhra Pradesh represents an aesthetic of humility that envelopes a constrained yet adaptable structure. The elements of design are defined by cohesive friction between the elements of built vs. Non-built, Mass vs Void and Transparent vs. Opaque.

Drawing room-1
Living room-1
Living room-2
Dry kitchen-1
Dining room-2
Dining room-1
GF_Master bedroom-2
GF_Master bedroom-1
FF_Guest room-2
FF_Guest room-1
FF_Master bedroom-2
FF_Master bedroom-1
FF_Master bedroom-2
FF_Master bedroom-1
FF_Home theater-2
FF_Home theater-1