PLAR038_Ch. Tirupathi Rao residence

Area: 11000 Sqft
Location: Kollur,Hyderabad, Telangana.
Type: Individual bungalow, Residential.

A House built for the elderly head of a well-established business family aims at representing the idea of LOGILI, which means, a home with a courtyard for an extended family to live in, it represents pride of a man and his better half, in keeping the family together and to create an abode for his for future to be well spent around his sons daughters and grandchildren and being a part of their growing lives.

Entrance gate view

House name plate

View from entrance

View from parking

Front view-1

Front view-2

Front view-3

Lawn view-1

Play area-1

Play area-2

Night front view-1

CNC marble front view

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